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Cold sore prevention for oral herpes simplex. Flu, and other diseases are contracted through kissing, etc.

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Cold Sore

Cold Sore Prevention

Let's say it straight, as it seems most others are afraid to do: The best way to prevent cold sores and the risk of fatal diseases which may be triggered or caused by cold sores is to completely avoid kissing on the lips and any other intimate physical contact before marriage.

Don't share lip balm, lipstick, utensils, cups, food, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels, razors, etc. with anyone else. Keep your hands away from mouth, eyes, nose, and genitals unless your hands are washed. However, if the hands (herpetic whitlow) or mouth are infected with the cold sore virus, then even washing will not prevent transmission of the disease. Most infected people don't even know that they have the cold sore, herpes virus infecting their hands or mouth.

To prevent spreading the cold sore virus to other parts of your body, wash your hands after touching or putting ointment on your cold sores. The eyes, mouth, and genital area can catch the virus more easily than other parts of the body. People with eczema are more susceptible to being infected by cold sores.

An immune system disorder such as HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy, etc., can make HSV-1 much more dangerous or fatal. Be extra careful around these people especially of you have cold sores!

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